The Future of Shopping with iShopMeta

The Future of Shopping with iShopMeta

The founders of iShopMeta, a pioneering force in the realm of virtual shopping, recently engaged in an illuminating conversation with KDAF TV station CW33 in Dallas, Texas. In this exclusive interview with Jenny Anchondo, they delved deep into the transformative potential of virtual shopping and the ever-evolving landscape of online retail. Their insights shed light on the exciting future that lies ahead in the world of e-commerce.

Jenny: This segment is brought to you by iShop Meta. Today, we are discussing NFTs, immersive tech, and more. Let’s dive right in with Christofir Krihkori, CEO, and Ani Krihkori, VP. Good to see you both.

Ani: Thanks for having us.

Christofir: Thanks for having us.

Jenny: Oh my gosh, we’re glad you’re here. Christofir, let’s get into it. What is iShop Meta?

Christofir: Well, simply put, iShop Meta is a groundbreaking e-commerce marketplace that combines NFTs, blockchain, and immersive technologies in a kind of digital ecosystem. You can access this ecosystem or the new virtual shopping experience through the website or via a VR headset.

Jenny: Okay, through the headset we have over here. Really interesting.

Jenny: Ani, how is iShop Meta reshaping the e-commerce and retail landscapes?

Ani: So, iShop Meta is elevating the shopping experience for all shoppers. You get to purchase a product, receive it, and it’s authenticated, which means there’s a hidden tag in the product that authenticates who purchased that product, the owner, the buyer of that specific product. And then you have that social aspect of it.

So let’s say you have someone dear to you but lives somewhere else far away, and you want to go shopping with that person. So you get to go into the shopping mall and actually have the experience of being at a real shopping mall but virtually. You get to try on clothes, interact with one another, help each other decide on what’s best and…

Jenny: Oh, I’ve been dying to go shopping with my mom who lives out of state.

Ani: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. Like taking your mom with you if she lives far away and just having that experience with that person.

Jenny: I cannot wait to try this.

Jenny: Okay, Christofir, what are the benefits for brands, manufacturers, designers?

Christofir: Well, one of the major benefits, as she already mentioned, is about the hidden tag. So basically, if you are buying something expensive or luxurious, you want to have that authenticated. And as a brand, you have that hidden tag that is hidden in the product, and it’s living in that consumer’s digital wallet all the time. So it’s branding 101. Your brand is always in front of them in their digital wallet. They can scan it, they can authenticate it, and it lives a lifetime on the blockchain.

Jenny: Okay, so you’re making sure that you’re not getting a fake version of it.

Christofir: Exactly. Exactly.

Ani: Exactly.

Jenny: I like that.

Jenny: Ani, how is this changing the virtual shopping experience in general?

Ani: I mean, this is really fun. It’s exciting. You get to go into the shopping mall and physically try on the product before you purchase it. So essentially, you’re cutting down that buyer’s remorse. You have a better engagement with the product, a better decision-making process, of course, and then from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you might be. And then not only fashion, but then you can get into home decor. You can get into a furniture store and be like, okay, I want to put this in my space, and you’re virtually in your space wherever you are. So if that’s your office, your home, you can lay that out right there in front of you, which is super exciting. But also, you can leave the mall. You don’t have to stay at the mall. You can go into the city and explore a hub of different activities. There’s educational resources, that’s for kids. You can test drive a car to see if you want to purchase that vehicle. I mean, there’s endless opportunities outside of the mall.

Jenny: Okay, I had only noted these headsets being used for games. But finally, a purpose that I can kind of sink my teeth into. This is great. Can you just put it on when you’re at work or something? I mean, listen, I’m not going to be shopping for work. Right. On your lunch break, could you put it on and then get some shopping done in order to do office furniture or something?

Ani: Yes. No more stagnant, you know, sitting there and just clicking up and down and searching. You’re actually immersed in the whole experience. This is incredible.

Jenny: Christofir, you have a code for our audience.

Christofir: Yes, whoever wants to join, jump on the website, they can use the DFW code to get a special discount.

Jenny: Both of you, thank you so much. Congratulations on everything. What an interesting concept.

Christofir & Ani: Thanks for having us.

Jenny: Thank you. It’s our pleasure. So listen, you guys have to check it out. The website is, and we will link that at as well.

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