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Enter the New Era of iCommerce with iShopMeta—Metaverse, NFTs, & More.

As we enter the Metaverse, the next iteration of the internet will create an entirely new channel for brands to connect with their consumers. The Metaverse is set to bring the immersive commerce, or iCommerce era, just like the internet did for the eCommerce period. This is why many firms are already looking into developing unique experiences in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse not only provides a single, unified platform for e-commerce that is accessible to everyone but also eliminates the need for separate marketplaces and allows buyers and sellers to interact with each other directly. Even Analytics Insight predicts the global Metaverse market to grow from US$46.7 Billion in 2021 to US$475 Billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 47% during the forecast period.

This is why iShopMeta is offering the world’s largest online decentralized marketplace, which will be launched in the next 14 days. This new innovation in NFT crypto and Web3 is set to create the world’s first and only legit NFT marketplace, which will provide users with a revolutionary new way of shopping, giving them the ultimate shopping experience.

The virtual reality world of iShopMeta marketplace will allow users to interact and do business with each other. Powered by blockchain technology which promises security and transparency, the new Metaverse universe will give businesses a unique opportunity to showcase their brand, enjoy Non-Fungible Token for their everyday regular purchases and create deeper customer relationships.

Christofir Krihkori, Founder & CEO of iShopMeta said, “iCommerce is not about merely duplicating your physical store inside the virtual worlds, but to join an entirely new distribution channel with its own rules and requirements. iShopMeta is set to revolutionize the industry, and this is your chance to become the first one to be part of the future. If you think you missed the rise of eCommerce two decades ago, this is your opportunity to grasp a share of iCommerce era with iShopMeta because opportunity don’t knock on your door twice!”