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The way we shop is about to change with iShopMeta. Yes, it is true that you no longer need to leave your home to go to a shopping mall and check out products that you want to purchase. But you will ask us, isn’t online shopping already there to make it possible? We will tell you that shopping with iShopMeta will be totally different from traditional ecommerce. It will be more than just adding items to the cart and waiting for them to get delivered.

iShopMeta is more of a virtual shopping mall that is present in the Metaverse. So if you still don’t know what Metaverse is. It is a vision that is believed to be the next generation of the internet. In the Metaverse, people will be able to experience things in ways that they wouldn’t be able to do in the real world. It will be a single, shared, immersive, persistent, 3D virtual space where you can interact with other individuals online. 

iShopMeta will be a place in the Metaverse that one can visit virtually using VR glasses. Hence, you will have the most immersive shopping experience while staying at your home. The iShopMeta will make the journey from E-commerce to Immersive Commerce (ICommerce) possible in the most exciting way. 

iShopMeta and ICommerce

iShopMeta’s vision for ICommerce will introduce a MetaMall and an NFT marketplace. So, while being established in the Metaverse, it will offer a revolutionary way for consumers and brands to interact and engage in order to make shopping possible.Combining online shopping and physical mall shopping will provide a refined and more realistic online shopping experience. Shopping is going to be much more accessible and interesting now with iShopMeta.

This is not it. While making the shopping experiences more immersive in a 3D world, iShopMeta will also provide exciting social experiences.Consumers can connect and interact with their friends and family and go shopping together in the Metaverse in a much more fun way.This amazing platform can be ideal for people of all generations.It brings you a new way of engaging in social interaction while shopping, no matter how far other people are in the real world.

A New Business Center For Brands And Sellers

The immersive marketplace established by iShopMeta will allow all those brands and sellers in the real world to make their presence in the Metaverse.As more and more customers, especially the GenZs,will start moving to the Metaverse, sellers must also reach out to them at the same place. 

iShopMeta will allow a place for all those brands and sellers to sell their products in the Metaverse that sell their products in the real world. Or have been selling things via traditional ecommerce online. Retailers will be able to have a virtual shop in the iShopMeta that will allow them to tap into the interests of their broad GenZ audience. 

Even if you need to organize an event, suppose a new product launch, a fashion show, a concert, or a trade show, iShopMeta will help create these experiences virtually.

How Does Ishopmeta Make These Virtual Experiences Possible?

So, iShopMeta uses Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide customers with a virtual shopping experience. Hence, all you will need to do is wear a VR. And you will be able to get the most immersive experience of connecting with brands and finding all the products you want in a virtual space. You will explore a 3D environment where you will engage with others in the comfort of your home. 

You will not only be able to look at the products in this Virtual Reality. Consumers can also try those products on themselves using their 3D avatars. All of these features make Metaverse shopping completely different from conventional ecommerce.

So, now you can see it will be no different than visiting a shopping mall to purchase a product. Right? The only difference will be you will not have to leave your home. You can take your friends together with you no matter how far they are. Also, you can socialize in an immersive way that was previously possible only via real-world interactions.

So, what are you even waiting for? Start your journey with Metaverse shopping with iShopMeta. The world of online shopping has never been more exciting than with iShopMeta. From Ecommerce to ICommerce, you can get involved with the most revolutionary trends now.

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